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Fashion designer

Sylvie Marcucci Stylist / Modelist - Toulouse - France

Designer of women's clothing for more than 20  years, I put at the service of a private clientele all my expertise in the high-end know-how of creations of tailor-made models. I am totally involved in this exciting profession of artisanal sewing, of recognized quality.

When "Top of the Range" couture adapts to your desires, from dream to reality...

Tailor-made clothing

What woman has not dreamed of wearing a unique garment, shaped to her body?...

Suit, skirt, trousers, day or cocktail dress, wedding dress,...

Any model that makes you want...

Above all, I want to offer you quality know-how, a cut to the millimeter, a neat finish, all in refined fabrics. My work is an alternative between "industrial tailoring" worn by everyone and "haute-couture" which favors a tiny minority of people in the world. I exercise this profession out of passion, for all those women who have a sensitivity to refinement and elegance. For those who want to discover this exciting world of creating made-to-measure clothing.

During our 1st meeting, I accompany you in your desires, I guide you on the choice of models, fabrics, colors, according to current trends. My advice is also based on your morphology, your personality and the environment in which you will be performing. A global measurement is necessary (without obligation on your part). You will receive a quote quickly. After acceptance of the quote, 2 or 3 fittings will follow depending on the complexity of the model to be made. During the 1st fitting, a cotton canvas called "butter canvas" (or directly the fabric) will be the first draft of the model that I will adjust on you. The last fitting will finalize the fall of the garment, the details provided and the final lengths. Finally, your finished model, we will visualize together the final rendering.

Wedding dress for Claire F, in silk crepe .

Base price of a custom creation includes:

The search for style

the fittings of the model, 1st canvas

the technical realization of the garment and its realization

the different creations

the hights

Top, tunic, blouse from 280 €

Skirt, pants, simple dress  from 390 €

Tailored jacket, coat, jacket from €590

Evening dress from 890 €

Wedding dress from 1000 €

silk dress, hand dyed
Plunged lambskin jacket for José N.
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