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Yardage needed for armchair cover  of style 

 Information to calculate the yardage of fabric needed for armchair:


Start by measuring the chair by taking the maximum dimensions of height, width and depth including wood (about 8  cm  on each side  i.e. a total of 16  cm in addition to your ribs) in order to be able to stretch it without difficulty,  write them down on paper.

Trace a square or rectangle on the paper and affix it to the part of the chair it is supposed to cover.


Remember to maintain the straight grain of the fabric.

Comment prendre les mesure sur un siège pour connaitre le métrage nécessaire du tissu

For information:

Some indications of fabric yardage in 1.40 wide

nails and braids to be checked according to the models

Armchair Voltaire:  1.80 meters / 8 m of braid or 800 nails

Bridge armchair  : 1.30  meters / 2m braid or 150 nails

Louis Philippe chair L. XVI, L. XV 1 meter / 4.5m of braid        

  or 450 nails

Low armchair: 2 meters

Armchair: 2.70 meters

Chair without backrest: Fabric: 0.70 m / Galon: 2 m / or Nails: 190

Louis XIII chair: 1.40 meters  

Louis XIII armchair: 1.80 meters

Louis Philippe armchair: 1.40 meters

Modern armchair: 4 meters

Convertible armchair LXV or medallion LXVI: 

1.40m fabric / 6.50m braid / 450 nails

Toad chair: 4 meters

Small L.XV shepherdess or Louis Philippe shepherdess: 3 meters / Galon 10m  

Big  Shepherdess: 4.50 meters

English armchair: 3m fabric  / 6m of braid

Restoration or Directory or Empire armchair: 1.50 meters

Shepherdess catering: 2.50 meters

Consulate shepherdess, retro: 3 meters / 10m max or 1000nails

Club chair:  5 meters / 500 nails

2-seater sofa: 13 m fabric  

3-seater sofa:  18m fabric

Don't forget to calculate the double-chord

to make a perfect finish 

finition pose galon pour un rendu plus moderne

For a fabric with a pattern, take a pattern height in addition to the recommended yardage

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