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Strip your seat before the course

In order to be able to participate in the course with your seat, you must bring it to the workshop stripped, that is to say the frame must be bare (as photo below).  


First of all, it is very important when stripping to pay close attention to the rabbet of the wood.  

  • You leave attached to the seat only the upholstery of the cuffs (armrests) if there are any.

  • For the toppings you can keep them and bring them for the course. (They can sometimes be reused)

  • Help yourself with tools to strip the seat: upholsterers use stripping scissors, mallet, staple puller, crowbar. If you don't have one, you can use a screwdriver, small hammer, pliers and scissors.

  • The braid can be torn off. Keep  pieces of exposed wood if you break any by stripping the seat and bring  the:  they can be glued back together.

  • With the screwdriver and the mallet (or small hammer) pass  under the heads of nails or staples and pry to remove or lift

  • For staples use  the pliers to remove them once they are peeled off the canvas or fabric.

  • When the seat is bald:
    You can lightly sand (with sandpaper) the parts of wood (not visible) where the canvases and straps were fixed and apply wood putty to fill the holes; spread your wood putty well so as not to create too many rough spots

  • If the seat is not very stable, you feel it moving at the level of the assemblies, it will be necessary to glue the carcass. Check if your seat has cleats (small pieces of wood used to fix the fabrics in the corners).

    If your seat has the
       cleats  taken off, bring them:   they   will require  a collage. Think  to let us know in advance so that we can organize ourselves. Your seat should be ready for the start of the course.

   If you want to paint or wax  wood  that is visible, do it before the course. Caution: Avoid  paint the parts that will be covered.

    On old wood, it is often necessary to use a fungicide,  do not hesitate   not to  put 2 coats of the product on all the wood, visible or not.

    Last advice, in order to better understand and remember  the assembly of      your chair,  start creating a photo folder of each step  

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