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Upholstery workshop

modern technical style / armchair with upholstered sides

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 This course allows people to make the same types of stylish armchairs as the traditional technique with modern materials (foams) but in a much shorter time. The result is just as comfortable and aesthetic. This technique is simpler and less physical. This internship is particularly aimed at people wishing to:
    •  work professionally
    •  get results faster
    •  see the furniture done, more interested in the decor, the makeover, the fabrics etc.

Il est impératif que vous dégarnissiez le fauteuil chez vous,
si vous devez intervenir sur la structure pour le traitement des bois ou pour changer la couleur il faut le prévoir chez vous.
Quand vous arrivez à l'atelier le siège est prêt a être garni.

The or the  trainee carries out all the necessary steps to upholster and cover a stylish armchair.

  • The strapping
    The straps placed, intertwined, constitute the first floor of the seat.

  • Installation of springs - Windage 
    The number, height and positioning of the springs are determined by each seat. The winding consists of reducing and maintaining the springs in a position specific to their operation, this ensured by ropes.

  • Installation of profiles and foam filling
    A piece of profile is cut and glued on each side of the seat, then several pieces of foam are calculated and cut with the help of a template according to each type of seat. The foams are then positioned and glued, the top plate and glued to the profile.

  • The folder

  • Laying the fabric, a strong canvas then foam profile and foam plate cut to the template of the back.

  • Blanking 
    A white canvas is placed on the seat and the backrest to give the definitive shape of the seat and to receive the decorative fabric.

  • Cut and lay the fabric 
    Measurements and cutting of the decorative fabric. Pointing, cutting at the cleats and final fixing.

  • Finishing  golden studs, stripes.

IT IS IMPORTANT, WHEN MAKING CONTACT, TO SPECIFY THE NATURE OF THE SEAT YOU WANT TO REALIZE! so that I can provide the supplies necessary for its repair, send me a photo of your chair.


Duration of the course: 6 days  

Advanced course, for people who have already done a small wheelchair course

Target audience: any motivated person


Location of the internship: Toulouse

38, rue Milhes 31300

Metro line A goose leg station

Bus 66 stop Paul Decamps

Tram T1 or T2 stop  Zenith


Rate  800

Quote on request  

30% deposit on order

Not subject to VAT

No CIF/CPF support  

For gift vouchers, the course is to be paid for when ordering

If overrun 120 euros will be applied per additional day



9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

7 hours per day / flexible  

i.e. a total of 42 hours


You buy the fabric (choose a special seat upholstery fabric) and the finishing strip. The rest will be provided to you



You bring your lunch


Ask for information  

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