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Bridge discovery course

Introductory course

stage bridge toulouse #stagetapisseriedameublement

This small vintage model from the 1930s/50s with elegant lines has considerable comfort.
It is a good initiation exercise to understand a simple seat upholstery; quickly you dedicate yourself to laying the fabric..

Internship program:

Stripping in the workshop / checking the chassis

      Single foam trim without profile and without      springs
      Fabric installation: special cuts
      Bevelling technique covered
      Hand sewing on seat: hidden stitches
      Possibility of making and installing piping

You practice on a seat that belongs to you, you will strip it in the workshop.

you can find this seat in the classifieds or consignment sales.


   The fabric:

  • bring the fabric
      The yardage is 1m in 140 cm for plain fabrics

  • and semi-plains and from 120m to 140cm for patterned or striped fabrics.

  • Fabrics available at the workshop:  (choice is limited)
    the fabric is chargeable (cost price)

The  tools are lent, for the duration of the course

Don't forget to send me a picture of your chair   for validation

Il est impératif que vous dégarnissiez le fauteuil chez vous,si vous devez intervenir sur la structure pour le traitement des bois ou pour changer la couleur il faut le prévoir chez vous.Quand vous arrivez à l'atelier le siège est prêt a être garni.
Stage fauteuil Bridge Toulouse #stagefauteuilbridge

Duration of the Internship: 3 days

Concerned public:

All  person  motivated

Duration of the course: 3 days

Target audience: any motivated person


Location of the internship: Toulouse

Metro line A goose leg station

Bus 66 stop Paul Decamps

Bus 45 Turenne stop

Tram T1 or T2 stop  Zenith


Rate  400€  

30% deposit on order  

Not subject to VAT

No CIF/CPF support  

For gift vouchers, the course is to be paid for when ordering



9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

7 hours per day / flexible  

Total 9 p.m. 


You buy the fabric (choose a special seat upholstery fabric ) and the finishing strip. The rest will be provided to you



You bring your lunch


Ask for information  

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