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My story, my passions

My training began at the Beaux-Arts in Perpignan where I studied the history of art and painting.  (1983-1985), then I went to study Fashion Designer at ESMOD (1985-1987) while training as an upholsterer. I create collections in  leather goods - unique pieces - since 2017 with the creation of Atelier Vitrine Marcucci.. 

At the same time, I met theater companies such as Théâtre Tattoo - Mladen Matèric - who entrusted me with the creation of the costumes for L'Odyssée.  ; on this show I met Aurélien Bory - Compagnie 111-   with whom I collaborated as  than  costume designer and  assistant director (2000-2018). Our collaboration continued  over numerous shows, Espaece, Plexus, Sans objet, Questcequetudeviens?, The Seven Boards of Ruse, More or less infinity, Plan B, IJK…


I have also worked with choreographers and directors such as Pierre Rigal - Last Minute Company - on the shows Micro (costumes and assistant director), Bataille, Stopped playing, etc.  ; the  Thank you group  - Solenge Oswald and Joël Fessel- with Europeana, anger  !, the AGIT  – François Fehner- on the shows Mitterand Sankara, On/off, Le cabaret rose et noir, etc. (1999-2018).

I created  the costumes for two operas:  The prisoner  by Dalla Piccola and  Bluebeard's Castle  by Bartók, directed by Aurélien Bory for the Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse (2015-2016 season).

The stage costume is linked to a show, to meetings, and changes as the rehearsals go on, it is forgotten where the main actor is, it is all this magic of the stage that fascinates me.

robe trompe l'oeil pour spectacle QU'EST-CE-QUE TU DEVIENS
dessin d'une robe de marié réalisée en crêpe de soie

I create  women's clothing for more than 15 years at the service of a private clientele, all my expertise draws on the high-end know-how of creations of tailor-made models. I invest myself fully in this fascinating profession that is artisanal sewing, of recognized quality.

I am by your side in exceptional moments,  together we design the outfits that highlight you and look like you.

When I started out, I had the chance to work with a talented designer, Patrick Sarran, with whom  I understood that creation could concern  all the domains  ; a few years later, my desire to learn new techniques naturally led me to furniture, I did a long and graduating training in 1999. Since then, I have been an upholsterer, I like to bring your furniture back to life. seats, help you personalize them, find an interior that suits you.

Fauteuil entièrement restauré tissu lelièvre
création sac Elle en cuir Français fait à Toulouse

But I always want to create more and more, that's why I've been making leather goods collections since 2017.

Seeing the creations transform according to my desires fascinates me. I realize all the confection, going from the drawing by the pattern to the cut  and sewing. 

Mainly in leather,  cork or any other material that inspires me , all my bags are handmade in my workshop in Toulouse (France)

I use leather from my Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée region.

I create handbags and bespoke items in beautiful full grain leathers,

I take particular care to create elegant, functional and timeless bags.

I exclusively make unique pieces, there may be the same model available in different leathers, but only one in each color.

I want every woman to find her bag, the one that looks like her, that will accompany her throughout her days. For me, the bag reflects our personality.

  I like live performance, painting, cinema, but what I prefer above all is to seek new applications and satisfy my creative desires in different fields such as stage costumes, leather goods  and upholstery.

And tomorrow  will perhaps be an opportunity for a future discovery....


Good visit!

Craftsman since July 1, 2020

              Leather goods



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