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Colors and Psychology


Although white is not strictly speaking a color, the general public classifies it in this category.
White expresses purity, clarity, cleanliness, sophistication.
Visually, white gives a perception of larger space.
Representations: snow, light, milk, wedding dress .
Red is a primary color, it corresponds to the square. This color expresses strength, courage, warmth, energy, passion, but also anger.
Visually, red seems to be closer to us, it attracts our attention.
Representations: blood, fire, lava, plants (tomato, poppy, strawberry...)

Yellow is a primary color, it awakens the spiritual spirit; it is the color of optimism, confidence,

friendship and eternal life.  Yellow is the color of life and movement, it is associated with friendship and fraternity as well as knowledge.

Representations: mailbox, sand, sun, egg, flower (daisy).

Orange is a secondary color, it results from the mixture of red and yellow. Orange is stimulating, it combines physical and emotional activity, it is an invigorating color,  warm, sensual, which encourages conviviality.  It is often associated with creativity.

Representations: fruits (orange, apricot, melon)

Cyan blue is a primary color, it corresponds to the circle. It is the color of the sky, of dreams, of space, of the spirit, it improves concentration. Blue is a symbol of truth.

Representations: ocean, sky, flowers

Green is a secondary color, it results from the mixture of yellow and blue. It is the color of balance, it expresses freshness, it is the symbol of hope. It is surely the most present color in nature. Rightly associated with the plant world which is its most worthy representative, green is a soothing, refreshing and even invigorating color.

Representations: plants, vegetables (peppers, peas)


Violet is a secondary color, it results from the mixture of blue and red, violet is associated with the spiritual,

mystery and authenticity.  Purple is the color par excellence of dreamers, spiritual people, rather than material.   It allows to calm certain emotions, to curb anger or anxieties...

Representations: plants (grapes, eggplant), flowers (violet), bishops' habit.

The color pink is a color that symbolizes rather positive values such as innocence, sweetness, romanticism, sweetness.   It is the color of seduction, romanticism and femininity.
This color can also represent calm, peace, serenity, tranquility and confidence.

Representation: pink flowers

 Black is not in the strict sense of the term a color, however it is associated with it from a psychological point of view.  In optics, black absorbs all wavelengths and is therefore characterized by its apparent absence of color.  Black is a dull color that symbolizes rather negative values.
Black makes us think of fear, anguish, the unknown, loss, emptiness and death.

Black also offers another face, associated with elegance and simplicity.  Represented by the outfits of priests and nuns, it also echoes authority, austerity and rigor

Representations: darkness (night), certain animals (blackbird, crow, cats).


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